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I’m Nick, a 24 year old grad student at UW. I moved to Seattle recently after finishing my undergrad at BYU in Utah. I grew up in the LDS (Mormon) church, but after working through the crisis of faith that came with accepting my sexuality I chose to seek my future outside of it. My years at BYU were revolutionary for me personally, and I came to Seattle ready for a new beginning and to discover who I am outside of my old context. The move has been challenging and liberating, and I feel it is just the beginning of great things to come.

I am beginning the MSW (Masters of Social Work) program this fall and working toward getting my license as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). The idea right now is to start my own practice and work as an independent therapist. I feel a great affinity for the LGBT community, and I would definitely like to focus on the social issues within that community, working to improve the lives of LGBT people everywhere. In addition to working as a personal therapist I want to reach out to greater numbers as well. Having come from a very religious background while coming out I understand the particular struggles of sexuality and faith, and feel I have a lot to contribute to that discussion. I am currently working on a couple book ideas that I hope to develop into something that can go out to the greater public.

In addition to my school and career goals I am an avid reader, often in the middle of several books at a time (I think the current number is seven, not counting textbooks for class). I love to write, and would like to write a few fiction novels as well before my time is done. I love music and the performing arts, and have spent more than I care to admit on tickets to shows in the next few months. I love moments when I can truly let go and celebrate. Showering is usually time for a solo dance party in the bathroom, with P!nk, Gaga, and Adam Lambert blaring from the stereo. I love dancing at the club, singing at the top of my lungs, and watching movies that make me cry.

My deepest desire in life is to find a man who is a kindred spirit to me, who I can go through life with, raise a family with, and work to find true and lasting joy. Three years ago I would have never dreamed, let alone dared, to embark on a journey so outside of the confines of my upbringing. But I have heard the call, I have crossed the threshold, and I am well on my way on the hero’s journey.


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I think your blog is fantastic. It is as if I was meant to find your blog because I have had similar experiences to you and am still in the process of struggling on how to manage everything. I just wanted to say, “Thank you!” for sharing your story and your experiences.

  2. *with

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